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Pete's Treats

Pete’s Treats is OSU’s first exclusive very orange, very healthy treat for dogs.  Pete’s Pet Posse dogs have officially taste-tested and approved the treat - unanimously giving it an all paws up review.


First Lady and co-founder of Pete’s Pet Posse Ann Hargis started the conversation about an OSU dog treat with OSU alumnus and Animal Planet celebrity host Travis Brorsen. Travis took the idea to his Enid-based dog treat kitchen where the biscuits are hand-made and hand-packed by the 4RPups organization for adults with special needs.


The Hargis family provided the seed money for Pete’s Treats from memorial funds given by the OSU faithful upon the death of President Burns Hargis’ mother Rosalie Burns Hargis, who loved dogs. All proceeds from the treats will go to help fund Pete’s Pet Posse, the nation’s most comprehensive, university-based pet therapy program.  


The secret recipe for Pete’s Treats was developed by OSU registered dietitian nutritionist and Pete’s Pet Posse owner Elizabeth Lohrman using only the healthiest and tastiest ingredients for dogs. The recipe was approved and recommended by OSU veterinarians. The unique star-with-a-paw cookie cutter for the treats was engineered and 3D printed at the OSU ENDEAVOR laboratory


Available in Stores & Online

Pete’s Treats are now available:

Pete's Treats Bag




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