Certificate Programs

**NOTICE** Certificate programs are currently being restructured and will be back open for enrollments before February 1.  Thank you for your understanding. **

OSU full-time faculty and staff have an opportunity to earn certificates while participating in OSU Talent Development courses.  Each program offers something different for your career development.  We recommend discussing certificate program enrollments with your supervisor to find a program that is right for you and your department.  You can enroll at http://talent.okstate.edu.  Click on the certificate program links below for more information.

Fiscally Fit Program
The Fiscally Fit Program is unavailable until further notice due to Banner implementation.  The program will be re-opened in the near future with updated course offerings.

Administrative Professionals Program
Developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff members who are in an adminstrative role at Oklahoma State University.
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Ambassador Program
Designed to meet the development needs of front-line employees who serve as Ambassadors for Oklahoma State University.
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Leadership Development Program
An innovative program designed to enhance the supervisory skills of managers, supervisors, administrative personnel, and those that aspire to be supervisors at Oklahoma State University.
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Advanced Leadership Program
Available exclusively to graduates of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) who wish to refresh, enhance, and deepen their leadership skills.  Enrollment for this program is held from January 1-January 31 of each year.  
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