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Procurement Professional Certification (PPC)

The Procurement Professional Certification (PPC) is designed for those who are engaged in regular procurement activities of a department or unit. Upon successful completion of the required hours of training, from the approved courses and 80% passing percentage on each course exam where applicable, an individual will obtain the PPC recognized throughout the OSU and A&M Systems.  

Getting started

New Employees

New employees will be required to become an OK CORRAL DEPUTY (completion of OK Corral Basics and Procurement Basics training courses) before Requestor access to the OK Corral e-procurement system will be granted.


Current Employees already having completed training

Employees who currently have OK Corral access who completed Procurement Basics and/or Advanced OK Corral training may be eligible to count previously completed training upon enrollment in the PPC program. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Completed either one or both classes within the past 12 months, and
  2. Completed each post-test with a minimum score of 80%.

If either of these criteria have not been met the training must be completed again.

Program Completion Requirements

  1. OK Corral Deputy (2 Courses): Upon successful completion of the OK Corral Basics and Procurement Basics a new employee will be granted requestor access to the OK Corral system and may begin use of the e-procurement system. The certification level of “Deputy” will be given to those successfully completing the two required courses. "Deputy" courses include OK Corral Basics and Procurement Basics completed within the timeframe mentioned above.
  2. OK Corral Marshal (OK Corral Deputy status, 3 additional core courses and 1 elective course): Upon successful completion of the required courses of approved training, the employee will have successfully completed the Procurement Professional Certificate program (PPC) and earned the certification level of “MARSHAL.” Core "MARSHAL" courses include: Advanced OK Corral, Legal Issues in Contracts, and Purchasing Card (Pcard) Training.
  3. “Successful Completion” is defined as attendance in required and/or elective courses and 80% passing percentage of each course exam for courses containing an exam.

Certification Benefits

  1. The employee earning the Purchasing designation of “MARSHAL” may be delegated signature authority by the Chief Procurement Officer of the following levels;
    1. Contract signature authority: up to $10,000.
  2. The above described delegated authority will be a very valuable tool for the certified individual and the employing department or unit. By gaining contract signature authority, requisitions submitted will have the benefit of not requiring additional contract review by Purchasing and should thereby streamline the approval process for the Department.


Continuing Education

  1. Those holding the certification of MARSHAL will be required to participate in one (1) Marshal Roundtable Discussion each calendar year.
  2. The Purchasing Department plans to host two or more Marshal Roundtable Discussion sessions annually and the participant may choose which session to attend.
  3. Failure to attend a Marshal Roundtable Discussion will result in your signature authority being disabled until such time as a Marshal Roundtable is attended.

    In order to receive full credit for completing your program and to receive notifications of events for your program you must register for the program.

    • Using your o-key credentials log-In to the Cornerstone at
    • Hover over the “Learning” tab on your Cornerstone home page
    • Click the “Browse for Training” option on the pull-down menu
    • Click the “Curriculum” icon under “type” on the left-hand side of the screen (the curriculum icon looks like a stack of books )
    • Click the program titled “Procurement Professionals Certification
    • Click the “request” tab on the training details page

    Once you request a curriculum program, Talent Development will be notified and will approve or deny your request. You will receive a notification email of the determination. 


    We suggest that once you are approved for a curriculum program you print the tracking/completion form that can be found below or within the curricula materials in the training details on your transcript.


    Tracking Form


    Browse and register for courses at


    Please note that we are always improving and adding new sessions to our certificate programs.


    Here are some helpful tips to know if a training applies to your program or not: 

    1. Click on a session title from the Events Calendar or from Browse for Training which will take you to the "training details" page. On this page scroll down to where it says "Subjects." The certificate program(s) the session applies to will be listed,


    2. Go to the Learning tab, select the Events Calendar and follow these steps:
    a. click "Add Subject(s) filters" on the left side of the screen,
    b. click the white box with the black + sign next to "Certificate Programs",
    c. click the blue + sign next to the certificate program you are enrolled in,
    d. click "Done" in the box and the calendar will then show sessions that only apply to your certificate program.

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