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Over 65 Retirees

If you and/or your spouse are over 65, your plan options will look a little different. Please review the Over 65 rates for health, dental and vision if you and/or your spouse are over age 65 at the time of retirement. If you and/or your spouse are under age 65, please review the Under 65 Retiree Benefits page for health premiums. Regardless of age, OSU retirees may continue benefits for health, dental and vision.  



You must have coverage as an active employee the month of your retirement date if you wish to enroll in continuing coverage as a retiree. If you do not elect to continue coverage at the time of your retirement, you will not have the option to begin retiree coverage at a later date.  If after you are retired, you want to drop coverage or your spouse and/or dependent(s) from coverage, you will need to notify OSU Benefits in writing. Once dropped there is no opportunity to re-enroll with any of these plans.


Keep in mind, there is a difference in OSU and OTRS retirement criteria. The ability to continue health, dental and/or vision coverage through the university is dependent on being an OSU retiree regardless of your OTRS retiree status. 


If you or your spouse is under age 65 at retirement, please refer to the Under 65 health benefit information.


Important Links & Forms

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