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Health & Prescription Coverage

All benefit-eligible employees and OSU retirees may participate in an OSU health plan. The plan is administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma (BCBS). Your monthly cost for coverage depends on the plan you choose and your level of coverage. Review the Health Benefit Rates for details. If you are a benefit-eligible employee and wish to waive health coverage, due to having other verifiable group coverage, you have 30 days from your hire date to do so.


You Have a Choice 

Benefit-eligible employees have two medical plan options which offer different benefits and coverage options. BlueOptions is the most popular plan with the option to utilize two networks of providers with set copays and an annual deductible. BlueEdge HDHP is the high deductible medical option. This plan offers lower premiums, but higher out of pocket costs until you reach your annual deductible. Refer to the Benefit Enrollment Guide for details on pharmacy benefits.


Both plans offer nationwide coverage to members along with the added benefits through the BlueCard travel program, BlueAccess for Members website and tools, and a dedicated OSU customer care team.

  • Benefit Enrollment Guide

    An overview of current OSU Benefits including your pharmacy benefits under each medical plan.


    2023 Benefit Enrollment Guide

  • BlueOptions

    BlueOptions offers a variety of incentives and programs to help decrease your out of pocket expenses. If you are enrolled in BlueOptions you may be eligible to receive pharmacy discounts and assistance by enrolling in programs that may not only prove to be money saving, but life changing. Learn more about available programs:


    BlueOptions members are also eligible to enroll in a Women's & Family Health Pregnancy & Parent Support program and receive a $250.00 deductible credit. Download any of the Ovia Health apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. During sign-up, make sure to choose “I have Ovia Health as a benefit.” Then select BCBSOK as your health plan and enter your employer name. Also, visit to explore our online courses. You may enroll by calling 888.421.7781.


    We encourage employees to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage before making a decision.

  • BlueEdge HDHP

    The BlueEdge HDHP has lower premiums, but great benefits to offer. BlueEdge is helping members contain medical spending and enabling members to make better medical decisions. BlueEdge encourages engagement, which leads to positive behavior change.


    OSU employees who choose this plan are planning ahead by taking a good look at premium expenses vs. actual provider and pharmacy expenses. Making this comparison allows the employee to decide on the right medical plan for their situation.


    BlueEdge is a qualified high deductible medical plan which allows BlueEdge members the option to participate in a Health Savings Account (HSA). Health Savings Accounts are a great partner for your BlueEdge medical care plan because they allow you to plan for future medical related expenses.


    We encourage employees to review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage before making a decision.

  • Health Benefit Rates 2023
    BlueOptions Total Premium Institution Employee With Credit*
    Employee Only $548.34 $433.34 $115.00 $85.00
    Employee + Children $987.00 $701.70 $285.30 $255.30
    Employee + Spouse $1,151.52 $760.88 $390.64 $360.64
    Family $1,754.70 $1,272.16 $482.54 $452.54
    BlueEdge HDHP Total Premium Institution Employee With Credit*
    Employee Only $542.12 $447.12 $95.00 $65.00
    Employee + Children $967.10 $796.70 $170.40 $140.40
    Employee + Spouse $1,110.14 $872.90 $237.24 $207.24
    Family $1,634.70 $1,364.26 $270.44 $240.44

    Employees will also receive a $30 monthly premium credit when they complete a biometric screening with Catapult Health.

    Schedule a screening at or call 877.803.2447.

  • BlueCross BlueShield

    The BlueCross Blueshield website offers many resources to help you with claims, provider searches, and tools to help you with your health and wellness goals.


    BlueCross BlueShield Website Tutorial (pdf)

    BlueCross BlueShield & Well on Target (website)

    BlueCard PPO Travel Program

    BlueCard Global Core Program

  • BCBS Virtual Visits

    Virtual visits through MDLive allow you to speak with board-certified providers with an average of fifteen years of experience over the phone, through online video or mobile app. You can utilize the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Private, secure and confidential appointments and prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. Average wait time for a virtual visit is 20 minutes.


    MDLive Virtual Visit FAQ


    Accessing MDLive: 

    Visit BlueAccess for Members

    Log In or Register Now

    Click Virtual Visits under Quick Links



    Sign In or Activate Now

  • Hinge Health

    Discover Hinge Health's program for back or joint pain.


    Hinge Health (pdf)

  • Eligibility

    Be sure to review the information regarding eligibility to determine who can be covered on your plan(s).


    Eligibility & Enrollment

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