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Leadership Development Program

Effective and skillful leadership is needed for organizational success. Leadership is not something you are born with, it is something developed over time through knowledge and life experiences. This learning track is designed to provide participants with opportunities to learn foundational principles and best practices needed for leadership development and success at OSU.  

Getting started

We highly encourage you to work with your supervisor to select a professional development program and courses to take to complete the program. Although you can work on this track at your own pace, we require completion within 3 years.


Participants of the Leadership Development Program must complete 2 core courses and 20 elective courses. Core courses are outlined in the tracking form in the How To Enroll section below, and also available when you complete your registration. Both online and classroom courses can be used to complete your elective courses.

  • Online Courses:
    • We recommend that test scores be printed and kept on file in case they are needed. The Learning Management System (LMS) must show the class as completed in order for credit to be given.
    • Up to 5 online courses can be counted towards your electives.
    • Completed online courses must be Leadership or Management focused. These courses will not be marked by program. You must use the search or browse options and keywords or subjects to find courses with the content.
  • Classroom/LIVE Virtual Courses:
    • Classroom courses can be selected from any Talent Development department-sponsored sessions, LIVE Virtual sessions, or events that fall into the learning scope of the track selected. If in doubt, contact Talent Development at
    • You may only apply up to 4 CEAT Building Leaders sessions towards your professional development requirement.
    • A course can only be counted one time. All courses used to obtain a certificate of completion cannot be used to complete any other track.
    • Session attendance records will be used for verification purposes. Be sure to sign-in for any session attended.
  1. Once you have completed the specific number of courses, return the Completion Form to Talent Development, 106 Whitehurst or by e-mailing the form to

  2. Your supervisor will be notified that you have completed the program and an official Certificate of Achievement will be sent through campus mail.



    In order to receive full credit for completing your program and to receive notifications of special events for your program you must register for the certificate program.

    • Using your o-key credentials log-In to the Cornerstone at
    • Select “Learning” from the drop down menu on the upper right side of your Cornerstone welcome page
    • Click the “Browse for Training” option on the pull-down menu
    • Click the “Curriculum” icon under “type” on the left-hand side of the screen (the curriculum icon looks like a stack of books )
    • Click the program titled “Leadership Development Program
    • Click the “request” 

    Once you request a curriculum program, Talent Development will be notified and will approve or deny your request. You will receive a notification email of the determination. Talent Development will also add the “due date” for program completion which will display on your transcript.


    We suggest that once you are approved for a curriculum program you print the tracking/completion form that can be found below or within the curricula materials in the training details on your transcript.


    Tracking Form


    Browse and register for courses at


    Please note that we are always improving and adding new sessions to our certificate programs.


    Here are some helpful tips to know if a training applies to your program or not: 

    1. Select Learning from the drop down menu on the upper right side of the page, or select the Events Calendar widget and follow these steps:

    a. click "Add Subject(s) filters" on the left side of the screen,
    b. click the white box with the black + sign next to "Certificate Programs",
    c. click the blue + sign next to the certificate program you are enrolled in,
    d. click "Done" in the box and the calendar will then show sessions that only apply to your certificate program.


    If you are participating in a certificate program, it is critical to pace your progress in the program. Pacing is important for two reasons: 1.) so that you are able to take advantage of a variety of courses that will best serve your needs and interests when a course is offered, 2.) so that you complete the program before your due date. 

    It is our policy to not extend program due dates as we feel the program time frames allow ample time to complete. If you are enrolled in a curriculum program and do not know your current due date, please contact Talent Development at for this information.


    This certificate program requires a 3-year commitment.


    Core courses are offered twice a year and electives are offered throughout the calendar year.


    Elective courses vary for each certificate program. Elective courses are subject to change throughout the calendar year to provide a range of options.


    Courses listed in multiple tracks can only be counted towards the completion of one learning track. You cannot use the same course to meet the course requirements of multiple learning tracks. You may participate in only one certificate program at a time.


    Some colleges/divisions also offer incentive plans for participating in training and continuing education. 


    Certificate Program Incentives

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