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Attending Training Classes

Attendance is expected with enrollment in a training session and attendance of at least 90% of the session is required to receive credit for the session.


Please read the following information regarding no-show or late withdrawl fees. In addition, we have added a section for LIVE Virtual learning sessions.

Attendance Notices for All Classes

If you cannot attend, you must provide a 48-hour notice by withdrawing from your session in the LMS. If you do not provide timely notice or you do not attend your session without notice, your Bursar account will be charged a $10.00 fee for a standard instructor-led course or a $25 fee for a computer course. In most cases, a substitute may be sent in your place. 


You can make changes to your registrations in the LMS.


LIVE Virtual Learning Expectations

If you register for a LIVE Virtual class, typically offered through Zoom, we want to remind you that it is strongly encouraged to have a working camera and audio for each session.


We recommend logging in at least 15 minutes early and testing your equipment prior to the start of class and for checking attendance. 


Attendance of at least 90% of the session is required to receive credit for the session and the same timely notice policy applies as stated in the paragraph above.

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