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Banner General Person Setup

Before an EPAF can be generated, the employee must be set up as a General Person within Banner. Many individuals already have a presence in Banner due to student, vendor or past employment status. 


It is very important we ensure no one is entered into Banner with multiple presences. If this happens, it requires OSU-Stillwater IT to work to untangle the presences as they will be incorporated into multiple Oracle databases. 


This will have a negative impact to the employee.


Once an employee has accepted the job offer, please begin completing the appropriate forms in the New Hire Packet. It is very important all onboarding deadlines are met to ensure the new employee has the best experience possible. If you have questions regarding these deadlines, please contact your HR Consultant or campus HR office.


Once the employee has completed his/her Personal Information Form (PIF) and has provided a copy of his/her social security card for payroll purposes, you may request the employee be set up within Banner as a General Person. Please note the social security card is to be used for payroll setup only and the employee may provide other documentation at his/her choosing for purposes of completion of the I-9. Also, the General Person is the Banner presence for employees, students, and vendors. 


To request General Person set up, please send an encrypted email to as shown below. Please attach scanned copies of the social security card and PIF to this email. From this information, OSU HR will set up the individual as a General Person within Banner and will respond with the individual’s Banner ID and notice the requester may proceed with generating the EPAF.


Once the EPAF is generated, please follow appropriate onboarding procedures by forwarding all original documentation to OSU HR for processing. There is no change in this process. Please remember it is not appropriate to keep copies in your departmental location. Any copies kept must be destroyed.


Due to the sensitive nature of the information sent via this email request, it is imperative the email be encrypted. In order to encrypt the email, please follow the following procedures.


Users on Office365 can send encrypted messages. The new encryption system is fairly similar to Proofpoint, but does have a few differences. To encrypt a message, simply add the word “[encrypt]” (without the quotes) to the subject line of an email. Please be sure to use the appropriate brackets [ ], not { } or (  ).


Encrypt Example

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