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Human Resources

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Safety & Quality Care

To improve safety of employees, reduce workers’ compensation (WC) claims, ensure excellent care for our employees, and contain costs, the university has specific processes involved in WC administration.  


Coverage is available for all employees, including students and temporary workers. WC assists employees when accidental injuries or occupational illness arises from employment.

When an Injury Occurs

The Employee Injury Report form must be completed by the employee and the supervisor for every workers’ compensation injury or illness, regardless of whether medical attention is required. 


If medical attention is necessary, the form is taken to the medical provider who will complete his/her portion of the form. On the Stillwater campus, University Health Services (UHS) will provide medical treatment if necessary. At the close of the visit, the medical provider will return the form to the employee, who will return it to the supervisor or appropriate departmental personnel who handles reporting of injuries.


For non-emergency accidents that do not require an ER visit, but occur after UHS operating hours or during a campus closure, please go to AMC Urgent Care for medical treatment. If UHS considers the injury “Medical”, fax the Employee Injury Report to Broadspire at 800.245.9927. “First Aid” injuries do not need to be faxed to Broadspire.


The administrative unit/supervisor will e-mail a copy of the Employee Injury Report to:

and distribute to other offices as required by the applicable college/division procedures.


Once a claim has been assigned, any follow-up documentation should be emailed to Please include the claim number in the subject line.


Should the employee receive any bills pertaining to their claim, the bills should be emailed to

Campus Information & Contacts

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University Human Resources developed this information for the convenience of OSU employees. It is a brief interpretation of more detailed and complex materials. If further clarification is needed, the actual law and policy should be consulted as the authoritative source. OSU continually monitors benefits, policy, and procedures and reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or terminate programs at any time, with or without notice. 

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