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Filing for Short-Term Disability

In order to be eligible for benefits under this policy, employees must be covered under the Short-Term Disability Insurance Plan. Short-term disability insurance provides partial income replacement during periods of non-occupational disability due to injury, illness, surgery, or recovery from childbirth at 60% of your weekly salary after all sick leave is used. As soon as the disability occurs and you become aware you are unable to perform your job duties for up to 14 weeks (15-day elimination period/12-week payout) and you are close to or have exhausted your sick leave, you should file a claim with Lincoln Financial Group (LFG). Premiums are age banded.


If you are applying for your Short-Term Disability benefits under the policy you purchased, please read Claim Procedures for Employees to guide you through the process. 

Process for Filing

It is important for employees to coordinate any leave with their department. The Absence Management Specialist, in HR, will provide the employee with a Short-Term Disability packet and instructions to complete their claim.



Absence Management Specialist



For information regarding your benefits while in leave status, contact:

OSU Benefits


Important Links:

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University Human Resources developed this information for the convenience of OSU employees. It is a brief interpretation of more detailed and complex materials. If further clarification is needed, the actual law and policy should be consulted as the authoritative source. OSU continually monitors benefits, policy, and procedures and reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or terminate programs at any time, with or without notice. 

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