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Ready to Retire

Thinking of retiring? OSU Benefits is ready to help guide you through the process of retiring from OSU. OSU Benefits offers many resources and services to help you plan for your last day, and beyond.


How it Works 

If you meet OSU retirement criteria as of the last day of your continuous, regular employment with OSU, you will be considered an OSU retiree. 


OSU retiree criteria:

  1. If you are at least age 62 and have at least ten continuous regular years of service at OSU, or;
  2. You worked at OSU for at least 25 years in a continuous regular appointment, no matter what your age, or;
  3. You meet the OTRS guidelines for the “Rule of 80” or “Rule of 90” (age plus years of OTRS membership). “Rule of 80” applies to employees joining OTRS prior to July 1, 1992. For those joining OTRS after June 30, 1992, but prior to November 1, 2011, the “Rule of 90” applies. Members joining on or after November 1, 2011, the "Rule of 90 and minimum age of 60" applies.

The benefits of being an OSU retiree include:

  1. Options to continue OSU health benefits and most voluntary plans, at your cost, into retirement.
  2. A paid $6,000 basic life insurance policy.
  3. The option to update your OSU ID for future benefits in retirement.
  4. A free parking permit with at least 20 years or more of consecutive OSU Stillwater service and 20 consecutive years of obtaining an OSU parking permit.
  5. Discounted OSU Athletic event tickets.
  6. A free Colvin and Wellness Center pass.
  7. University Course Audit options.
  8. A listing with the OSU Emeriti Association.
  9. Continuation of OSU email.

We recommend viewing the How To Retire recorded seminar, as well as, reviewing the OSU Retirement Planning Guide. Both resources offer a detailed overview of retiring with OSU, including timelines, checklists, and contact information for various benefit vendors.


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Frequently Asked Questions 


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