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Processing New Hire Packets

Friday, August 21, 2020

If your department would like to have packets filled out electronically, please follow these procedures. First, please understand that it may not be possible in all situations. Some of your employees may not have computer, printer or internet access. But if it is feasible, you can send the documents electronically to the new employee. They will have to complete all of the forms and sign where necessary, have the Loyalty Oath notarized,  and complete both Section 1 and Section 2 of the I-9. The employer can authorize anyone to fill out Section 2 of the I-9, including friends, family or household members of the new employee.


If you wish to use this option for your department, please make certain that the both the employee and representative understand the obligation and take it seriously. It may help for a department representative to make an appointment and talk them through filling out the form while on the phone. 


Please make certain that the new employee is prepared for the session.  They should have their original, unexpired documents and know their first date of employment. The Section 2 preparer should use “Authorized Representative” in the Title field and provide their own contact information. Please ask the employee to send a copy of the documentation that they use for the I-9 with their New Hire Packet.

The requirement to examine the original documents with the employee being physically present does not change. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or other remote applications are not allowed under USCIS guidelines.


The hiring department is responsible for reviewing the form and making certain that it is completed correctly. If there are mistakes, the hiring department will be responsible for getting the employee or authorized representative to correct them.

Steps after the packet is completed:

  1. Employee emails the packet to their department.
  2. Department reviews—if it is OK, they do E-Verify and EPAF, and instruct the employee to mail the original packet to them.
  3. Department forwards the scanned packet and E-Verify to NewHire via email (
  4. Department inter office mails the original packet (or hand delivers to 106A Whitehurst) to NewHire AFTER a review for completeness.

It is important to scan your packets individually and email them to Please write in the subject line the Banner ID (CWID), EE name and “For Review” and encrypt the email with [encrypt] at the end of the subject line. 

For example: A20252025 John Q Public For Review [encrypt]


If you are bringing the original packet to Whitehurst, please take it to 106A Whitehurst. There is a basket for incoming mail just inside the door. 

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