Online Opportunities & Recommended Training

OSU Human Resources Talent Development strives to offer our staff a variety of training opportunities. Full-time faculty and staff have access to a Learning Management System which offers instructor-led and online opportunities. 

Please refer to the information below to find the course(s) that fit your needs:

Learning Management System (LMS)To access this site, you wil be asked for your OKEY information. Log in using your OKEY information. Click on the Learning link. You can search by through the calendar, Featured Training, or the Search bar at the top of the page.  Your LMS offers over 4000 online courses and instructor-led courses to meet your Professional Development needs.  Visit the How To Guides section for tips on navigating the LMS.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Training Part-time Employee Access: Employees with an FTE >.5 should access the FLSA courses at  Employees who do not have access to the Learning Management System (LMS) can view FLSA informational videos by clicking on the following links: 

Title VII and Title IX Training:  Faculty, staff and student employees can access training online by visiting the Title VII and Title IX information page.  

OSU Minors On-Campus training for faculty and staff can be found at  Faculty and staff who work >.5 FTE will need to access the training through this link: Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and ProgramsYou can also visit the Minors On-Campus site for more information.

OSU FERPA training: Family Educational Rights Act (FERPA) (managed by: OSU Registrar)

OSU E-Verify training:  Access E-Verify Training to learn how to verify new employee social security and employment eligibility information within 3 days of hire.

HIPAA and OSU: You may be required to take HIPAA training for systems access.  Click here for more information.