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Background Checks

A criminal background check is required for new staff, faculty and graduate assistant/associate positions at Oklahoma State University. Offers of employment are contingent upon completion of a successful background check. A previous conviction will not automatically disqualify a prospective or current employee from employment with the university. University Human Resources (HR) will review several factors to determine employment eligibility.


Requesting a Background Check

An offer of employment must be extended to the candidate in order to request a background check. Internal employee transfers or rehired employees must undergo a background check if one has not been conducted within one year for staff, faculty and graduate assistant/associate positions.


The OSU Jobs system automatically sends a request email to HR once an applicant’s status is changed to, “Background Check Request – Pending.” Please note, the “Background Check – Complete (HR Use Only),” status is restricted for use by HR only.


If recruitment was not managed in the OSU Jobs system, complete the Background Check Request Form.


Background Check Reminders

Here are some tips to share with the applicant to expedite the screening:

  • Follow the instructions in the email from to begin the background check screening.
  • Check the Clutter or Junk Mail folders if the email is not found in the Inbox.
  • Take immediate action and ensure the information provided is accurate. A delay may affect employment at OSU. Applicants have no more than 10 business days to begin the screening.

The background check may include the following as applicable to the position: name and address verification; social security number check; a county, statewide, federal and international criminal records search; sex offender registry; driving records; education history; and examination of state and federal debarment lists. A more comprehensive background check may be required pursuant to a university administrative decision, local, state or federal law, or for certain sensitive positions.


The typical turnaround time for the background check to complete is three to four days but may vary. The background check may take longer if an international screening is included. Once the background check is completed, an email will be sent from HR to confirm the applicant’s employment eligibility. The Hiring Manager or Primary Owner for the requisition will update the applicant’s status to “Hired.”


All background check results and records are reviewed and handled in a confidential manner and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA).



Important Links

Background Check Policy for Faculty and Graduate Assistants/Associates (Teaching and Research), Policy 3-0771

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