Purchasing Card Training (Pcard)

Does your department need a purchasing card (Pcard)?  Pcard training is required for any employee or student employee using a Pcard for small dollar purchases or any employee who needs access to the Works software.

**If you are an employee requesting a Pcard please go to talent.okstate.edu to start your training.**

If you are a student affiliated with a student group, a student worker or a graduate student, please follow these instructions. 

You may click on the Pcard-Online Training link below to view the presentation.  It is recommended you view the presentation and download the supplemental reading materials for your learning needs.  Once you have completed the Pcard-Online Training, you must complete the 20 question quiz. You must answer 15 questions correctly to pass the quiz.  The quiz may be taken as many times as necessary. 

Upon successful completion of the quiz, you must send a screen shot, or scanned printout of your results, to osu.pcard@okstate.edu.  You may then apply for access to Works or apply for a Pcard. 

Links & Information
Below are links to information you will need to begin using your pcard.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Purchasing Department website:  https://purchasing.okstate.edu/pcard
The Works System:  https://payment2.works.com/works/
The Payment Center: https://www.centresuite.com

Carla James, Pcard Administrator
1224 N Boomer Road


Danielle Reuter, Compliance Accountant
1224 N Boomer Road


Presentation & Materials
Pcard Online Training (
**If you are an employee requesting a Pcard please go to talent.okstate.edu to start your training.**)
Pcard Guidelines
Pcard Application Form

Purchasing Card Quiz (
**If you are an employee requesting a Pcard please go ttalent.okstate.edu to start your training.**)