Minors On-Campus Training

Individuals, whether affiliated with OSU or not, who will be working with minors on university property and in facilities or under the authority and direction of the university at other locations, including branch campuses, must complete the Minors On-Campus training yearly per OSU policy 1-0135. Please click here to view this policy. 

Full-Time Faculty or Staff should follow these directions in order to complete the training:

  1. Log in to http://talent.okstate.edu using your O-key account credentials (Firefox or Google Chrome are the best browsers to use with the site)
  2. Click on the Learning widget in the middle of the landing page
  3. Type “minors” into the search bar at the top of the page
  4. The active Minors On Campus-Online Course should populate
  5. “Request” the training
  6. The training will load to your Active transcript page with a “Launch” option
  7. Click the Launch option to start the training
  8. The training will remain “In Progress” until you watch the entire presentation and the confirmation page loads.

Part-time Faculty, Staff or Students including Graduate students and non OSU personnel should visit https://ostate.tv/media/Working+with+Minors+Program/0_moxs4tc5 to complete the training, or click below to view.

Departments may require you to confirm your completion of this training by signing a document or answering a questionnaire.