Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System

CLEET certified police officers participate in the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System (OLERS) instead of the Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System (OTRS) or the Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP).  OLERS is a defined benefit plan in which years of service in the plan and final average salary determine the retirement benefit.  Retirement benefits are based on 2.5% of the final average salary times years of credited service.  Final average salary is computed as the 30 highest consecutive months of pay. 

With OLERS, you will be eligible for OLERS retirement benefits after completing 20 years of vested service or attaining age 62 with ten years of vested service.  Members contribute 8% of base pay and OSU contributes 10%.  No contributions are made on overtime pay.  All OSU police officers are required to join OLERS as soon as they are CLEET certified.  Both CLEET certification and membership in OLERS are requirements for continued employment as an OSU police officer.

When you are offered a position as an OSU police officer, you will be required to complete the OLERS enrollment information, including the physical examination.  The job offer is contingent upon being accepted for membership into OLERS (examining physician and the OLERS reviewing physician and being approved by the OLERS Board).  In order to expedite the process, your department will notify OSU Benefits of your pending employment by email.  The completed paperwork should be sent to OSU Benefits within the first month of hire, and preferably prior to beginning employment.  OSU Benefits will complete additional information and forward the documents to OLERS. 

The OLERS Board will review the enrollment information and declare if you are accepted as a new member, request more information or deny membership.  If OLERS denies your membership, employment will be terminated.  

Contributions will start based on notification from the Police Department of your hire and whether you are CLEET certified.  If you are CLEET certified, contributions begin effective the first of the month following the day of hire.  If you are starting CLEET certification process, contributions begin effective with pay the 1st of the month following CLEET certification.

A copy of your CLEET certificate needs to be sent to OSU Benefits as soon as it is received by the Police Department.  The new CLEET EA should state in the remarks area the date of CLEET graduation/certification.  This will be a timely way of alerting OLERS to the pay/title change of the officer.  The Police Department will notify OSU Benefits of any change of title, pay rate or any other status change of any officer enrolled in OLERS.  OSU Benefits will communicate all changes to OLERS.

You should receive an OLERS Member Handbook and the OLERS enrollment packet at the time you receive the job offer from the Police Department.  Please review the OSU Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System information sheet.  For more detailed information regarding OLERS policy and plan provisions, please contact OLERS toll-free at (877) 213-0856.

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