OSU offers a Cancer Protection Insurance Policy through American Fidelity Assurance Company.  If you are diagnosed with cancer, AFA’s Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance Plan pays benefits directly to you.  This money may be used however you need, allowing you protect yourself from financial hardship. The employee pays the premiums for this voluntary coverage. Limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods apply.

How would you pay for these out-of-pocket medical expenses?

  • Lost Income
  • Utilities
  • Spouse’s Lost Income
  • Meals and Lodging
  • Transportation Costs
  • Special Diets
  • Housekeeping Expenses
  • House/Mortgage Payments


One-on-one appointment contact:

Cecelia Gibbs, (800) 933-1853 ext. 8814


Important Links

American Fidelity Cancer Insurance Website

American Fidelity Cancer Insurance Guide (pdf)