Logging In to WebFOCUS

You must have activated your O-Key account in order to log in to WebFOCUS.

Special Notes:

  • If you do not have HRS access you will only be able to view your job history.  No other options will be available.
  • If you experience problems printing forms, check to make sure the left and right margins are set to .25 inches.

Click here to log in to WebFOCUS (using your O-Key login information as shown below)

Are you getting the following message when logging into WebFOCUS?

  - OSU HR WebFOCUS - Invalid Access Attempt -
Try This Procedure (pdf)

If you have tried to log in to WebFOCUS but were unable to access the website, please contact the IT Help Desk (744-4357) for assistance or view the help information below.

Click Here   If you need to activate or log in to your O-Key account. The following graphics display the O-Key screens you will view.

O-Key login example

After logging in, this screen will display pertinent O-Key information.

O-Key Personal Profile example

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 users:

Use your first.lastname@okstate.edu email account to login.

User Name:  first.lastname@okstate.edu
Password:   O-Key Password

Windows 2000 and earlier Windows version users:

Use your O-Key Username to login: (this method also works for Windows XP users)

Your O-Key Username is a 4-7 character username that is assigned to you when you activate your O-Key account.
If you do not know your O-Key Username, you can find it by logging in to your O-Key account as noted above.

If the login does NOT include Domain: If the login DOES include Domain:
User Name:  OSU\O-Key Username
Password:    O-Key password
User Name:  O-Key Username
Password:    O-Key password
Domain:         OSU

Mac users:

Use your O-Key Username to login:

Safari and Firefox Browsers: Internet Explorer for the Mac:
User Name:  OSU\O-Key Username
Password:    O-Key password
User Name:  O-Key Username
Password:    O-Key password
Domain:         OSU

Browser Issues:

Even though web pages may be written to comply with web-based standards, different operating systems and browsers, as well as different versions of the same browser, may implement or interpret those standards differently. The result of how browsers implement standards can result in web pages being rendered differently as well as browser responses to particular conditions appearing inconsistent.

However, even with different browsers and different browser versions, there are a few items that can routinely cause problems when logging in to O-Key.

Delete / Clear Temporary Internet Files / Internet Cache
Browsers "cache" or save web information in a designated directory on your computer. If the allowed space is getting full or there is old data related to the current page saved in cache, this can create issues with current browser operations. Also, it is a good practice to periodically clear the temporary cache file as this will generally improve browser performance. Clearing or deleting temporary internet files or the internet cache (it is all referring to the same thing - different browsers refer to the action and the files differently) is usually located under the menu item Tools / Options or Tools / Internet Options.

Once you clear the internet cache, close ALL browser windows, then reopen the browser and try again. This action corrects many typical browser issues.

Saved Passwords
Allowing an application to "Save" or "Remember" passwords is not a good security practice personally and is a violation of OSU computer security standards. Also, saved passwords can create login issues as your workstation attempts to apply an invalid password.

Verify your workstation does not have any saved passwords. Note: Microsoft applications can be set up to share credentials. This is an acceptable practice as long as you lock your workstation whenever you are not present.

Invalid Security Certificate
Occasionally, some browsers will report the server's security certificate is invalid. Usually, options are provided to "Continue to the web site" or "Do not continue to the web site". Since this is a valid request to access WebFOCUS, select the option to "continue to the web site".

The IT Help Desk (405-744-4357) can assist with O-Key Login difficulties.