Advanced Leadership Development Program


Leadership training and development is a continuous process. This program is designed for leaders and presented by leaders across our 5 campuses. The Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALP) is a continuing program available only to graduates of OSU’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) who want to refresh, enhance, or deepen their leadership skills. Such exclusivity recognizes the training and development commitment already undertaken by these OSU employees.

Track Completion Information

  • We highly encourage you to work with your supervisor to select a professional development program and he individual courses to take to complete the program. 
  • This program is completed each calendar year.
  • Courses listed in multiple tracks can only be counted towards the completion of one learning track. You cannot use the same course to meet the course requirements of multiple learning tracks.
  • You may participate in only one training program at a time.

Participation Expectations:

  1. Eight courses and 3 special opportunity events are needed to complete this learning track. Both online and classroom courses can be used.
  • Online Courses:                      
    • We recommend that test scores be printed and kept on file in case they are needed. The Learning Management Center must show the class as completed in order for credit to be given.
    • Up to 3, approved, online courses can be counted towards your electives.
  • Classroom Courses:
    • Classroom courses can be selected from any Training Services department sponsored sessions or events that fall into the learning scope of the track selected.  If in doubt, contact Training Services at
    • A course can only be counted one time. All courses used to obtain a certificate of completion cannot be used to complete any other track.
    • Session attendance records will be used for verification purposes. Be sure to sign-in for any session attended.
  • Special Opportunity Events
    • Exclusive to ALP participants
    • Sessions are informal with an opportunity for members to share perspectives with speakers and other leaders on campus.
  1. Once you have completed the specific number of courses, return the track Completion Form to Training Services, 106 Whitehurst or by e-mailing the completion form to
  1. You will be presented with a plaque at the end of the calendar year upon first year of completion. Upon annual continuation of the program you will receive a gift and a metal plate to add to your plaque.

Ready to get started?  Enroll at talent.okstate.eduClick here for a full list of classes and a tracking form.