Student Pay

OSU will continue to provide hours of work for students who are willing and able to work in positions that meet the needs of social distancing requirements.  If you are able and willing to work and do not currently have work hours scheduled, please contact your supervisor for assistance or contact OSU Human Resources at 405.744.2909 for assistance in locating work on campus during this semester.


To support those who are unable to work during this time, the University will provide administrative pay through the end of the semester (5/2/20).

  • If students are not able to work, or are not able to work their anticipated regular schedule, pay will be provided up to their regular schedule for the pay period, or up to the average pay earned by the student employee for the Spring semester, whichever is greater.  This information has been provided to the appropriate college/division fiscal officer for review. Some exceptions may apply. Please consult with your Human Resources Consultant.
  • For federal work-study students, pay will be provided up to their regularly scheduled hours for each pay period in accordance with work-study guidelines.
  • The employee will not enter administrative leave hours.  Banner entry for administrative pay will be made by the supervisor and/or SUPERUSER on the biweekly timesheet for each student employee. Click here for instructions.
  • Administrative pay will be secondary to time credited under the FFCRA beginning April 1.
  • Student positions will end on or before 5/2/20.  If the student wishes to file for unemployment in their home state, a resignation will be needed to terminate the appointment on the Banner system prior to 5/2/20.

If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or your Human Resources Consultant.