Reminders for Peak Hiring Season

We all get busy this time of year and there are some simple steps that you can take to help your new employees have a smooth hiring process. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your new employees have access to email and systems, and be able to get a parking pass and ID on their first day of work? How about access to timesheets and leave reports? It is possible!  You can have your new hires fill out paperwork up to one year in advance of their first day of work if they have accepted the job offer.  

  1. If the person is a current or recent employee, a new hire packet may not be needed.  Students and temporary employees may have a break in service of no more than six (6) months.  Staff and Faculty may have a beak of no more than thirty (30) days.  Please check NBIJLST in Banner for employment history using a query date of more than six months previous. If a new employee packet is not required, use an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) type other than New Hire.
  2. Ensure the entire packet is complete before sending to HR. This includes signatures and CWID’s on each individual form. If the employee missed a form, it is best to hold the packet yourself until the employee can return to fill it out.
  3. Have your new employees fill out the entire payroll sign up packet and send it to OSU Human Resources prior to the first day of work. Please make certain that you are using the newest version of all of the forms which are available on the HR website.  If the packet and the EPAF are processed early, the employee can get an ID made, have email and system access and get a parking permit on the first day of work. Most importantly, s/he will be paid on time. You are setting the tone for a positive work experience by making this process easy for your new team member.
  4. The most common reason that Payroll Sign Up packets are returned is dates not matching—the hire date on E-Verify, on the I-9 and in Personnel Date in Banner should all match. That date should be the date that the employee begins working for pay.
  5. Please ensure that all international employees visit ISS before completing the new hire packet. You or the employee must contact Trisha Iyonsi in ISS at 405)744-5459 to set up an appointment.
  6. If an international employee is having a delay exceeding three days getting a Social Security Card or numident, please contact Trisha Iyonsi in ISS at 405)744-5459. She is able to check with the Social Security Administration on the status and contact Human Resources for possible solutions.
  7. International students who are returning to work and need to renew their work permit can now do so online. Please contact the ISS office if you need further assistance. NOTE: This does not affect packet processing.
  8. Please note that if the department head has not approved the EPAF, HR cannot process the packet. It is best to send the packet once the EPAF is created and approved by the department head.
  9. If you are RESUBMITTING a New Hire EPAF that has already been approved by HR Admin and then subsequently rejected, please note that in the comments and email That will allow us to expedite the re-approval of that EPAF.
  10. Please monitor your own EPAF queues— The system does not notify you if an approver leaves a comment on an EPAF, so check frequently to ensure there is no delay. If an EPAF is delayed at a particular approval level, prompt the approver or proxy to move it along. Some departments have many approvers and all of the required approvals must take place before the employee is on the system. Encourage approvers to check their queues often and to set up proxies for when they are unavailable.
  11. The most current new hire forms can be found on the Human Resources website at  EPAF Term Definition and Tips can be found at

Questions?  Contact Ryan Wilcoxson (405) 744-2910 or Faith Hamer-Bartels (405) 744-5161 or email