Policies and Procedures

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Following is a list of Human Resources related policies you can find in the complete listing of policies and procedures.

General University
Number Policy Title
1-0101 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
1-0401 Employment of Athletic Department Administrators and Intercollegiate Coaches
1-0530 Tobacco Use in University Buildings and Grounds
1-0604 Audits Which Uncover Criminal Acts
1-0702 Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy and Title IX Grievance Procedure
1-0705 Political Activities of Employees
1-0803 Employment of Internationals
1-1201 Appointment of Interim or Acting Administrators
1-1204 Professional Development/Retreats
1-1205 Drug-Free Workplace
1-1301 Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives,and Dangerous Chemicals
Administration and Finance
Number Policy Title
3-0203 Clothing and/or Uniforms Provided to Employees
3-0256 Employee Incentive Awards
3-0320 Payroll
3-0321 Monthly Time and Effort Confirmation
3-0322 Electronic Use of Social Security Numbers
3-0362 Reporting and Taxability of Assistantships, Fellowships, Scholarships Fee Waivers and Other Payments to Students
3-0420 Purchase of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Sponsored Project Funding
3-0522 Bomb Threats
3-0523 Campus Threats and Violence
3-0535 Hazard Communication Program
3-0601 Appropriate Use Policy
3-0706 Employment, Promotion and Transfer for Classified Staff
3-0708 Family and Medical Leave Act
3-0709 University Holidays
3-0710 Resignations for Classified Staff
3-0711 Layoff and Reduction in Work Force for Staff
3-0712 Human Resource Information Management Systems
3-0713 Attendance & Leave for Staff
3-0714 Staff Training and Development
3-0716 Sick Leave For Staff
3-0719 Military Leave
3-0720 Corrective Actions and Dismissals for Staff
3-0721 Definition, Exemption and Amendments for A/P Staff
3-0726 Employment, Resignation, Suspensions, and Dismissals for A/P Staff
3-0732 Procedures to Govern Compensated Outside Activities of Administrative and Professional Staff Members
3-0740 Uniform Position Classification and Pay Plan for A/P Staff and Classified Staff
3-0741 Performance Evaluation Program for Staff
3-0742 Timekeeping and Overtime
3-0744 University Enrollment for Staff
3-0745 Nondiscrimination, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action for A/P and Classified Staff
3-0746 Grievances and Complaints for Staff
3-0750 Long-Term Disability
3-0770 Workers' Compensation Insurance
3-0771 Background Check Policy for Faculty and Graduate Assistants/Associates (Teaching and Research)
3-0826 Fire Protection and Safety
3-0837 Hazardous Materials: Training Hazmat Employees