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Packet Guidance

New Hire has resources for managing new hire packets and notices for new employees, as well as guidance on completing and sending the new hire packet for departments.

Checklist for Departments

No employee may commence work prior to the completion of the I-9 form, including the social security number field. If you have questions regarding this requirement, please contact


All new hire packet documents should be placed in a sealed business envelope addressed to Human Resources, Confidential New Hire Packet, 601 N Willis, #8075, in order to keep social security numbers and financial information secure and confidential. Please see below for more information regarding remote packet processing.

  • Processing Packets Remotely

    If you need to submit a New Hire Packet, please scan it (both sides for two-sided documents), encrypt it, and email to and send the original packet via interoffice mail with a notation on the OUTSIDE of the envelope saying “SCANNED on May XX”. Please make certain that you are using the I-9 form dated 10/21/19. The older version expired 4/30/20 and cannot be accepted.


    If you need to submit Benefits documentation, please scan it, encrypt it, and email it to Send the original document via campus mail to 601 N Willis, PB #8075, Stillwater, OK 74078 including a notation on the OUTSIDE of the envelope saying “SCANNED on May XX”. 


    Completing the I-9

    The Department of Homeland Security recently announced temporarily relaxed requirements for I-9 documentation due to the COVID-19 situation. Unfortunately, these changes do not apply to the OSU System. The modifications to the requirements only apply if the “employers and workplaces are operating completely remotely” and cannot be used “if any employees are physically present at the work location.” (Underlined for emphasis)


    Despite this, the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not specify who is authorized to review the documents and fill out Section 2 of the I-9. The employer can authorize anyone to perform this function, including friends, family or household members of the new employee.


    If you wish to use this option for your department, please make certain that the both the employee and representative understand the obligation and take it seriously. It may help for a department representative to make an appointment and talk them through filling out the form while on the phone. 


    Please make certain that the new employee is prepared for the session. They should have their original, unexpired documents and know their first date of employment. The Section 2 preparer should use “Authorized Representative” in the Title field and provide their own contact information. Please ask the employee to send a copy of the documentation that they use for the I-9 with their New Hire Packet.


    The requirement to examine the original documents with the employee being physically present does not change. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or other remote applications are not allowed under USCIS guidelines.


    The hiring department is responsible for reviewing the form and making certain that it is completed correctly. If there are mistakes, the hiring department will be responsible for getting the employee or authorized representative to correct them.


    Loyalty Oath

    The Loyalty Oath must be completed and notarized before a packet is processed. Only the State Legislature can waive this requirement. Banks are still providing notary services, mostly by appointment. A courthouse may provide notary services or have an authorized officer that can attest to the signature. The Stillwater Tag Agency also provides notary services. If you or the employee are unable to find a notary, please contact and they will attempt to help you locate one.

  • Banner General Person Request (EPAF)
  • Personal Information Form (PIF)

    All new employees and rehires are required to complete the entire PIF, including race and or ethnicity.

  • Loyalty Oath

    All employee and notary information is clear, including notary seal.

  • Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System Notification Form

    All employees must verify their participation in OTRS.

  • State of Oklahoma Outstanding Wages Beneficiary Designation Form - Voluntary

    Employee has legibly completed all information and signed and dated the form.


    The employee should keep a copy for his/her records.

  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form / E-Verify Case Details and Accompanying Documentation, if any

    Employee has completed ALL of Section 1 with signature and date.


    Department reviewed documents furnished by the employee, verified employment eligibility in Section 2, and signed and dated the form. If presented, copies of the US Passport or EAD card must be attached.

  • Copy of Employee’s Social Security Card

    Provide for OSU Payroll Services.

  • Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

    Federal and State Withholdings – Federal tax withholdings default to single with no dependents. Changes can be made on Self-Service Banner,, therefore, a form should not be submitted.


    Oklahoma State Taxes will be withheld at the single with no allowances rate. Changes can be made by following the instructions on this form.


    Withholding Information Page

  • Automatic Deposit Transmittal Form

    Employee has legibly completed all information and signed and dated the form.


    A voided check has been attached for a checking account.

    For a savings account, an official signed letter from the financial institution on their letterhead with the Bank Routing Number and Account Number has been attached.

  • International Employees

    All employees who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) must receive a work permit.


    Trisha Iyonsi in the ISS Office conducts mandatory work permit sessions for students. Please consult the ISS website for the schedule.


    International Faculty and Staff must make an appointment to receive a work permit by calling 405.744.5459.


    Assistance on the W-4 and on the first page of the I-9 will be provided. Please contact Trisha Iyonsi with questions related to page 2 of the I-9.

  • Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form

    Employee has legibly completed all information and signed and dated the form.

  • Veteran Voluntary Self-Identification Form

    Employee has selected all classifications of protected veterans that apply, completed the retirement/release from active duty/discharge date, and signed and dated the form. 

  • Essential Information

    All employees must view, and in some cases, receive copies of essential information.  


    Essential New Hire Information

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