New Dental and Vision Providers in 2017

New Dental and Vision Carriers in 2017

There are BIG changes coming to the OSU Benefit plans in 2017.  We are moving out from under the State dental and vision plans to our own carriers.  OSU is excited to announce we will have Cigna Dental and EyeMed Vision coverages beginning January 1, 2017.  

Making this move will put money back in your pocket.  Not only did we receive cheaper rates for both dental and vision, the State’s Insurance Board recently announced they are increasing HealthChoice dental premiums by 7% in 2017.  In looking at the new rates, we also found the Delta premiums overall will have an increase of 9.7%.

Although additional information will be coming soon, the following are a few highlights of the new plans:

Cigna Dental

  • Low Plan:  No orthodontist coverage.  Why pay for coverage you don’t need?  Annual benefit level will be $1,500.
  • High Plan:  $2,000 orthodontist coverage for your dependents up to age 19 and an annual benefit of $2,000.
2017 Dental Rates Low Plan High Plan
Employee Only $27.30 $31.68
Employee + Spouse $54.60 $63.34
Employee + Child(ren) $74.46 $86.38
Employee + Family $100.46 $116.56

EyeMed Vision:

  • $150 frame allowance.
  • For those who wear contacts, you will be able to get both contacts and glasses allowances in the same year.
  • Receive a 40% discount off hearing exams and low price guarantee on discounted hearing aids. 
2017 Vision Rates  
Employee Only $6.48
Employee + Spouse $10.80
Employee + Child(ren) $10.64
Employee + Family $20.14

OSU understands the importance of being able to stay with your current providers.  Cigna and EyeMed have begun to work diligently with our local providers to get them in network if they are not already.  We will continue to monitor the progress as we move into 2017.