Natural Disaster Resources for Employees

If you have family, friends or loved ones who have been affected by any of the recent hurricanes, wildfires and/or flooding, you may want to take advantage of resources provided by GuidanceResources®, OSU’s Employee Assistance Program Provider.

GuidanceResources® has compiled helpful resources, including Hurricane, Wildfire, World Watch, Flooding, and information on how to donate to Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  Resources include lists of shelters, road conditions, evacuation plan tips, power outage information, airport closures, school closures, and more.

There are three ways to access your GuidanceResources® benefits:

  1.  Call 855.850.2397. You’ll speak to a counseling professional who will listen to your concerns and can guide you to the appropriate services you require.
  2.  Visit GuidanceResources Online at, click the link for I am a first time user, enter OKSTATEEAP as your Web ID, then create your user ID and password
  3.  Download the GuidanceResources® Now app for your mobile device.

GuidanceResources® benefits will give you and any member of the household confidential support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues. These services are provided at no charge to benefits eligible employees and their household.  GuidanceResources® is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any questions regarding this benefit, please contact Employee Benefits at (405) 744-5449. 

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Natural Disaster Resources for Employees
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Resources Provided at No Cost by GuidanceResources
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Natural Disaster Resources for Employees