Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Resources for OSU Employees

Wildfire Resources

Parts of Oklahoma are being affected by wildfires. Log in to Guidance Resources for the latest updates and resources.

OSU Extension is taking hay and livestock feed donations to help those who lost their grass. If you can help with hay or livestock feed, please contact the @okstate Cooperative Extension Service:
(405) 590-0160
(405) 496-9329
(405) 397-7912

OSU News Release: Information for producers seeking or those wishing to donate agricultural supplies and services as part of the wildfire recovery efforts.  

What You Need to Know about Wildfire Preparedness and Recovery - tips from OSU.

Helping Fire Victims - OSU Center for Veterinary Health Services - Thanks to generous donors animal fire victims are being treated at no cost to their owners at OSU. Here's how you can help.


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Severe Storms and Tornado Preparedness

OSU Campus Safety Website

National Weather Service Forecast



OSU employees “…who suffer individual, personal misfortune as a result of an event such as fire, explosion, flood or violent weather, will be granted up to three working days of paid administrative leave, if the event occurs while the employee is not on leave without pay”.  This is explained in OSU Policy and Procedure 3-0713, Attendance and Leave for Staff, section 7.01D.Catastrophe Leave.  An employee who requires more than three days to take care of such a personal misfortune may request use of accrued annual leave at the discretion of his/her department head or supervisor.


Inclement Weather

Inclement weather 

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Natural Disaster and Severe Weather
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Resources for OSU Employees
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Natural Disaster and Severe Weather Resources for OSU Employees