Meet Sebastian!

Sebastian is a young (but ginormous for his breed) Yorkshire Terrier who loves nothing more than your undivided attention and to be loved; all the while not realizing his own size…he’s just a big teddy bear.  If you throw a tennis ball once for Sebastian, you’ve made a friend for life!  He could play fetch for hours and can run at break neck speed.  He will lay the ball directly at your feet so you don’t have to make that extra effort to reach for it. 

Sebastian is not your usual “rescue” dog.  His mom did not rescue him; he rescued her! Sebastian is a loyal and faithful friend with his constant presence, energy, and spirit for life.  He knew exactly what his mom needed and it was the unconditional love of a lop-eared benevolent loving four-legged furry tail-wagging pooch that became her rock! 

He is a momma’s boy and loves bringing his abundant energy to campus and meeting new visitors, students, faculty, and staff.  He works with his mom, Shelby, in the Spears School of Business

Sebastian has earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate and is officially registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs