Meet Liam!

“And on the eighth day, God created the Bernese Mountain Dog.  And on the ninth day, with the earth covered in hair, God said… ‘whoops!’”

Liam James Sherin is a Bernese Mountain Dog (and quite possibly the only one with a middle name).  He is six years old and loves long walks and rawhide bones. Even though he weighs 115 pounds, he thinks he is a small lap dog and can often be found sitting in his mom’s lap… for as long as he wants.  He has two human sisters that weigh almost as much as he does, and he is very fond (and protective) of them.

Liam is originally from Wyoming, and was adopted by the Sherin family when they lived there (and he was just 8 weeks old!). Liam loves snow.  In fact, we’re pretty sure he can smell it in the air before it begins to fall. He is a true gentle giant who loves to meet new people, especially students, and he is very talented in pawing your stress away.

Liam works with his dad, Jerimy, in the Spears School of Business (

Liam has earned his Canine Good Citizen Certificate and is officially registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.