Leave Without Pay and Your Benefits

In the event you have a leave of absence without pay, your benefit deductions that are normally withheld from your paycheck are billed to your Bursar account.  This also applies to Faculty who are on a 9, 10 or 11-month appointment and do not receive pay during the summer.  Often the bill for these premiums lag by about two months, so if you do not receive pay in June, those premiums typically appear on your Bursar account in August.  Faculty have the option of a “salary deferral” to avoid being without pay; information and the form to sign up for salary deferral can be found at http://payroll.okstate.edu/guides-forms.

An employee who requests a personal leave of absence without pay, will be responsible for the full cost of their insurance.  It is recommended that you contact OSU Benefits when requesting a leave of absence without pay regarding the effects this has on your benefits.

Click here for additional information regarding benefits during a leave of absence without pay.  If you have any questions, please contact OSU Benefits at (405) 744-5449.