IRS Form 1095-C

As required by the Affordable Care Act, employees will receive 1095-C forms providing information about health care insurance coverage.  Much like Form W-2 and Form 1099, which include information about the income you received, these health care forms provide information employees may need when they file their individual tax return.

Form 1095-C serves as a "proof of insurance statement' that shows the IRS OSU employees have been properly covered.  Employees can use information from Form 1095-C in tax filing, similar to how they take information from a W-2 form and transfer it to their tax forms.

OSU is required to send Form 1095-Cs for the 2018 year on or before March 4, 2019. Employees who have elected in Self-Service Banner to receive an electronic copy only of Form 1095-C will not receive a paper form.

According to the IRS website, while the information on these forms may assist in preparing a return, they are not required.  Individual taxpayers will generally not be affected by the March 4 deadline and can file their returns as they normally would.

Another form of verification is from the W-2 form, Box 12 - Item DD - this amount represents the total of employee and employer contributions to your medical plan.