Online EAs

July 1, 2009, the Online EA application went live with the Administration and Finance Division. After a short production validation period, those areas outside of Administration and Finance which have already attended training will be invited to begin using the Online EA application and training will be set up for areas wanting to coordinate an implementation date.

The easy to remember URL for the Online EA application is, which is a redirect to the actual URL and the URL that will be displayed in the email notifications.

Since the Online EAs application is a new application, attending an HR presented training session is a requirement before new users who create EAs will be allowed to access the system.

Online EA User Manuals

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing the Online EA application

  1. What are the prerequisites for a department to use the Online EA application?

    These are the items that need to be completed before a department can use the Online EA application:

    1. Determine people who will create EAs and their delegates.
    2. Determine people who will approve forms and their delegates.
    3. Be sure all people identified in previous two steps have HRS access for the Online EA application in their respective roles as form originator/creator or approver and for the necessary departments.
    4. HR provided training is required for all form originators.
    5. Approval of the college or division administrative officer to begin using the Online EA application.

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  2. Who can access the Online EA application?

    To access the Online EA application, all users (form creators and approvers) must have:

    1. HRS Access
    2. Access in HRS to the department(s) for which Online EAs will be created or approved
    3. Specifically requested access to the Online EA application as a form creator or approver.

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  3. Since an Online EA user must have HRS access does this mean the person can access the HRS system?

    Not necessarily - it depends on the user's role in the Online EA application. In addition to having a 4-digit operator ID that is authorized to access the HRS system and being authorized to view specific department information, the HRS system limits user access to information based on screens. Information in HRS available to Online EA users is limited by the individual's roles within the two systems.

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  4. Will a person with HRS access automatically have access to the Online EA application?

    No. If access to the Online EA application as a creator or approver is not specifically included on the HRS Access Request form, the user is denied access to the Online EA application.

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  5. What is my "Login address:" and "Password:"?

    Sign on to the Online EA application using your O-Key sign on. You can use your email address or O-Key user name as your "Login address:". The password is your O-Key password.

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  6. Will the Online EA application "timeout"?

    The Online EA application will timeout in approximately 23 minutes if no activity is detected by the web server. "Activity" for the web server is clicking a link or button or refreshing the page (the F5 key will refresh the page for most browsers or you can click the refresh icon in the browser header). Any of those activities will restart the timer. Moving the mouse, inputting data into an input field or tabbing between fields or buttons is not recognized by the web server and will not restart the timer.

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Using the Online EA application

  1. What procedures changed with the Online EA from the paper EA?

    No basic procedures required for the EA have changed from the paper EA to the Online EA. However, a department, division, or unit may need to review EA procedures as some local procedures may need to be adjusted, depending on how the paper EA was used.

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  2. Are there any EAs that cannot be completed using the Online EA application?

    Yes. If a new hire does not have a valid Social Security Number, the initial EA must be completed using the paper form. To complete the hiring process for a new employee without a valid Social Security Number, HR Partner Services must get a State temporary ID number issued for the indivdual.

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  3. Can I create an Online EA prior to a new hire's employment start date?

    Yes. An online EA can be completed prior to the new hire's actual employment start date. There are generally two scenarios for this to occur.

    • The new hire completes his/her "New Employee Payroll Sign-up Packet" prior to the actual start of employment.
    • The new hire needs access to OSU systems and/or an "" email address.

      In this case the new employee's first assignment is a zero pay rate, zero FTE assignment that begins prior to and ends the day before the employee's actual employment start date. The employee's paid assignment begins on his/her employment start date. The zero pay rate, zero FTE assignment is not eligible for the employee's continuous service date or benefits eligibility.

      A copy of the Social Security Card along with the completed Form I-9, E-Verify and Personal Information Form (PIF) must be sent to HR Partner Services to set up the new employee in HRS. The remaining forms in the "New Employee Payroll Sign-up Packet" are completed and forwarded to HR Partner Services on the employee's first day at work.

      For this type of EA processing, the date of hire on the Form I-9 and E-Verify coincides with the begin date of the zero pay, zero FTE assignment.

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