Employment at Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity. OSU will hire qualified applicants who are legally able to work in the U.S. regardless of citizenship status.

All individuals must complete a New Employee Sign-Up Packet (New Employee Sign-up Information) prior to officially commencing work product.  This requires all documentation to be provided for processing.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYEES: This may require individuals without social security numbers to file with the Social Security Administration (may be done after the individual has been in-country for 10 days) and then return to that office for numident (typically no greater than three days processing time). For more information, please contact International Students and Scholars; http://iss.okstate.edu/.

State IDs and exceptions to E-Verify documentation will no longer be issued or required as a routine course of work - with the possible exception of faculty/executives that must have access to systems prior to start date utilizing a zero pay / zero FTE assignment. However, all required payroll sign-up documentation must be provided prior to commencement of compensated hours.

For questions regarding exceptions, please contact Ryan Wilcoxson, (405) 744-2910, for more information and/or approval prior to the employee commencing work.