Executive Briefings

To encourage excellence in managing human resources, OSU offers Executive Briefings exclusively for Vice Presidents, deans, directors, and department heads. Executive Briefings provide an opportunity to gain information on current management topics and encourage discussion among leadership of the University in a small group setting. Offered once a year, these briefings are 2 hour sessions with two different offereings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. A special mailing to administrative and academic department heads will anounce these briefings in advance.

Past Executive Briefings
Information about a few previous Executive Briefings are listed below. You may click the video link to access the online video on the teleconferenced sessions.

The Master Executive Blueprint
Presented by David Woods and Brent Douglas, Giant Partners, LLC
How do some top leaders make leadership look easy, while others struggle just to take care of their daily tasks? Why do some leaders seem to be on the fast track while others never really achieve the impact they desire? GiANT has identified several of the skills, tools, and, perhaps most importantly, the mindset that set these leaders apart from the rest. They call these leaders Master Executives and will share with us their unique insight into the four disciplines that comprise the blueprint for becoming a Master Executive yourself.
Video Link: http://ra.okstate.edu/STW_ITLE/ExecutiveBriefing/32814/video.html
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Care to Confront
Presented by Jim Hess, ED.D, OSU-Center for Health Sciences
Know that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you sense a confrontation is about to occur?  If you are like most people you want to avoid the conflict.   We are socialized to avoid confrontation; so more often than not we remain silent and hope the situation goes away or fixes itself.  But in the course of our professional and personal lives we find ourselves in circumstances where issues should be confronted.   We need to care enough to confront.  This seminar is designed to highlight the importance of caring enough to confront difficult situations and to do so in the proper manner.  Participants will receive concepts and methods of confronting both professional and personal circumstances to receive the best possible outcome.
Video Link: http://ra.okstate.edu/STW_AdminFIN/HR/ExecutiveBriefingFall2012/ExecutiveBriefingFall.html
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Creating A Service Quality Culture
Presented by Rhett Laubach, YourNextSpeaker, LLC
Providing quality customer service is the job of everyone at Oklahoma State University.  To create a service quality culture a leader must motivate and communicate the expectations of delivering quality customer service to employees.  A service quality culture goes beyond meeting standards set by the customer. Positively providing the customer experience where OSU connects with people on a relational, emotional and rational level creates advocates for the University.
Video Link: http://ra.okstate.edu/STW_ADMINFIN/HR/ServiceQuality/ServiceQuality.html
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