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E-Verify is a verification process to determine that a new hire has provided accurate social security information and is eligible for employment (not an illegal immigrant).  All new hires must be verified within three days of hire.

This page provides information to apply for access to the E-Verify system.  If time permits, you can view the entire 49-minute video presentation at one time.  Or, if you prefer, you can view the presentation in three parts.  We recommend viewing the video presentation and downloading the supplemental reading material for your learning needs.  Upon successful completion of the training, you will be able to request access to verify employment on all new hires by completing the E-Verify User Access form.


I-9 Reference Documents
I-9 PDF Fillable 2017 Form

I-9 Paper 2017 Form
I-9 Website

I-9 Training Course (OKey login)
Payroll Signup Checklist
I-9 Guidelines
I-9 Handbook for Employers (pdf)
I-9 Instructions (pdf)
I-9 Reminders (pdf)


E-Verify Reference Documents
DHS Referral Notice
E-Verify Key Users
E-Verify User Access
E-Verfiy User Manual
How do I use E-Verify
Program Admin MOU
SSA Referral Letter-English


Video Presentation
E-Verify Full Version

Video Presentation by Section
E-Verify Intro
E-Verify Part 1
E-Verify Part 2