COVID-19 Workforce Resources

Social Distancing Procedures

Social distancing has been implemented across University campuses and facilities:

  • Employees will avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more. Employees will also avoid gathering in confined areas, including elevators.
  • Meetings, even between employees located on-campus, should use technology for social distancing if more than 10 people are involved and/or meeting space is not available that allows at least 6 feet of distance between each participant.
  • Employees will avoid using anyone else’s phones, computer equipment, desks, cubicles, workstations, offices, or other personal work tools and equipment. There are some situations where work tools must be shared. In those situations, employees should take precautions to sanitize them between use.
  • Where workstations do not permit at least six feet between employees, employees are expected to wear cloth face coverings (masks). 
  • Common spaces such as break rooms and conference rooms will have furniture rearranged or restacked to promote social distancing. As noted above, break rooms / lunchrooms will be limited to food preparation only. When possible, employees are encouraged to bring meals that do not require refrigeration or heating.
  • As access to campus buildings is limited to OSU employees at this time, no visitors should be in the buildings.

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Travel Update

Temporary Travel Guidelines for OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa Campus

Your health and safety are our top priority. Due to the risks associated with the COVID-19, OSU is installing these temporary guidelines to assist you in planning for domestic and international travel activities.

University-Related Travel:

Given the continuing guidance of state, federal and world health organizations, the domestic and international travel guidelines have been modified:

  • Effective March 13, all university-sponsored international travel is prohibited until further notice.
  • International travel for personal reasons is strongly discouraged.
  • Effective immediately, all in and out-of-state travel for University-related business or academic purposes is suspended until further notice, unless such travel is essential to the university and approved by the Provost or the appropriate Vice President.  All employees may continue to travel to and from work.  OSU Extension field staff will receive further clarification specific to their work responsibilities from Vice President Coon. Reimbursement will not be processed from any funding source for travel (in and out-of-state) on or after March 18 that does not include approval by the Provost or appropriate Vice President.


 These changes will be in effect until further notice.

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COVID-19 Workforce Resources