Dependent Eligibility Criteria

Cover Eligible Adult Children to Age 26
in Health, Dental and Vision Plans

Under health care reform, all group health plans and health insurance companies (including OSU and BCBS) must offer group insurance to “adult” children who wish to remain covered under our health plan until the end of the month that the child turns 26 years old.

This health benefit is not considered taxable income. To be eligible, your adult child:

  • may be married or unmarried;
  • does not need to be enrolled as a student; and/or
  • may have a separate residence from you.
  • may be employed, but the employer must not offer group health coverage to your child.

These guidelines also apply to dental and vision coverage.

If the adult child has access to coverage through his/her employer, s/he is not eligible for OSU health/dental/vision insurance.

Employees should carefully review the dependents they are covering on health, dental and/or vision insurance. During Annual Benefits Enrollment, employees should drop coverage for anyone who does not meet the criteria listed for an eligible dependent.