Benefits Education - OTRS Timeline

Employees nearing retirement with Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System (OTRS) have a strict timeline that must be adhered to in order to receive their OTRS retirement check in a timely manner.  OTRS retirement date is always the first day of the month and any delay in the timeline will push your retirement date back by a full month with OTRS. 

Following is an example timeline for an OTRS Retirement Date of November 1:

  1. No later than August 1 submit a “Pre-Retirement Information Verification” (PIV) form to OTRS.
    OTRS will send you a packet with your “Intent to Retire” (ITR) and “Employer Retirement Verification” (ERV) forms.
  2. No later than September 1 submit the ITR form to OTRS with your retirement choice.  Submit the ERV to OSU Benefits for processing.
    OTRS will send your final retirement contract.
  3. No later than October 1 complete and return to OTRS the Retirement Contract and Benefit Payment Authorization forms.
  4. OTRS Retirement Date is November 1, and final work day at OSU can be no later than November 10.
  5. First OTRS Retirement payment will be deposited December 1.

The PIV and OTRS timeline can be found at