Benefits Education - 457(b) Voluntary Retirement Plan

All employees paid through the OSU payroll system, regardless of status and classification, have the opportunity to participate in OSU’s voluntary retirement plans.  Election to participate can start or stop at any time throughout the year. 

The 457(b) plan features:

  •          Pre-tax contributions
  •          $15 minimum monthly contribution
  •          $18,000 annual maximum contribution, plus $6,000 catch-up if age 50+ for 2015
  •          Unforeseeable emergency withdrawal available
  •          No 10% IRS premature distribution penalty tax
  •          Rollover allowed into the plan
  •          Choose your investments from TIAA-CREF’s extensive investment lineup
  •          Free advice from OSU’s TIAA-CREF representative

To begin participation, complete a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) form and turn in to OSU Benefits at 106J Whitehurst.  Additional information can be found at  You can schedule an appointment with the TIAA-CREF representative at or by calling 800-732-8353.