Annual Performance Review

Policy and Procedures 3-0741, Performance Evaluation Program for Staff, requires that each staff member receive a formal performance review at least once each year. The policy is applicable to all continuous, regular staff, regardless of FTE.

Each staff member is rated by his/her immediate supervisor and all ratings are reviewed and approved by a higher level supervisor. Approval and review should be completed prior to presentation to the employee. The immediate supervisor performing the rating must be familiar with the performance of the staff member during a major portion of the rating period and have received performance review training in the past three years.

The performance review process includes discussion with the employee and signatures of both supervisors and employee on the document. Each employee is entitled to receive a copy of his/her final evaluation.

The written results of an evaluation, including supervisor and employee signatures and any statements, are retained by the department.

The Policy can be found at - click on Policies and Procedures in the Supervisor Toolkit drop-down menu. Performance Evaluation forms can be found on the Human Resources website,, click on Supervisor Toolkit then select Guides and Forms.

Talent Development offers Performance Review training for supervisors. Scheduled classes are February 13 and March 28.  Log in to to sign up for a class.

If your department is interested in developing an electronic review through Cornerstone, please contact your Human Resources Consultant.