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Critical Conversations

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

As members of a large and diverse university community, we value the opportunity to engage in critical conversations.  For many members of our OSU community, it is a natural extension of their research and teaching to initiate discussions about racism, diversity, and even the upcoming presidential elections with students, staff members, and faculty colleagues.  While we acknowledge and embrace the importance of these frequently difficult and challenging conversations, it is equally important we facilitate a respectful learning and working environment where multiple points of view may be expressed, without fear of retaliation.


OSU and the OSU/A&M Board of Regents have policies regarding the political activities of employees, which may be helpful to review.  Please note, while these policies emphasize protecting the central mission of our institution and programs, they also clearly acknowledge employees “are permitted to freely engage in lawful political activities of any kind provided such activities are conducted on the individual’s own time, do not interfere with official duties and responsibilities and are not inconsistent with other provisions” of the policies linked here:

OSU/A&M Board of Regents Policy Manual, Sec. 3.04  Political Activities of Employees

OSU P&P 1-0705  Political Activities of Employees


If you are interested in pursuing further training related to a respectful workplace, the Learning Management System at has a variety of courses in a number of topics. One that is recommended is “8 Keys to a More Respectful Workplace.” Additionally, OSU’s Talent Development office is available to customize training to meet the needs of your department. If you are a department head and/or supervisor and would like more information on customized departmental training, please contact Lorinda Schrammel, Director of Talent Development, at 744-2908.

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