Oklahoma State University recognizes that people are our most important resource for sustaining excellence in service, stewardship, teamwork, and professionalism.  Human Resources Training Services offers opportunities for OSU faculty and staff to develop their talents, to acquire new skills, and to achieve greater career satisfaction.  

Seminars offered through HR Training Services are free to all full-time faculty and staff.  OSU faculty and staff have an opportunity to enroll in a variety of seminars which include customer service, performance management, communication skills, self-development, leadership development, and various computer and technical training classes.  

We look forward to seeing you at our next HR Training Services seminar!

2014 Training Calendar

Incentive Plans

New Administrative Professionals Program Information

CEAT Dean's Building Leaders Initiative Series

NEW-Policy Training: Minors Participating in OSU-Related Activities and Program

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Training Opportunities at Oklahoma State University
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