Supervisor Toolkit

Supervisor Toolkit


Maximizing Performance

Performance Discussion Worksheet - Pre-Meeting (doc)

Performance Discussion Worksheet - Post-Meeting (doc)

Performance Improvement Plan Sample (doc)

Performance Review Guidelines (doc)

Staff Performance Review (doc)

Staff Performance Review (doc)
(For employee’s with supervisory responsibilities only)


Staff Pay

Staff Pay

Compensation Adjustment Request Form (pdf)

Compensation Adjustment Form Guidelines (pdf)

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Search With Success

New!  Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System User Recruitment Guide (pdf)

New!  Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System Requisition Flow Chart (pdf)

New!  Cornerstone Applicant Tracking System Disposition Emails (pdf)

OSU JOBS Tutorial - Slide program

OSU JOBS Tutorial (doc)

OSU JOBS Glossary (doc)

OSU JOBS Flow Chart (doc)

Request and Authorization to Fill Position (pdf)

Guidelines on Requests to Waive the Open Recruitment Process for Non-Exempt Staff

Guidelines on Requests to Waive the Open Recruitment Process for Exempt Staff

LinkedIn - Job Posting Instructions

Employment with Oklahoma State University Brochure (pdf)

Employment Checklist (doc)

Guide to Pre-Employment Inquires (doc)

Sample Interview Questions (doc)

Employment Checking Procedures (pdf)

Employee Authorization for Reference Release (pdf)

Sample Job Offer Letter (doc)

Sample Nonhire Letter (doc)

Sample Nonhire, Interviewed Letter (doc)

Temporary/Periodic Employees (pdf)

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Family Medical Leave

Dept of Labor (DOL) Employee Information Guide

FMLA Notice
(post with Labor Law poster; copy to new hires-include in Payroll Sign-up)

Sample Memorandum
(memorandum should be revised as applicable to the specific situation)

Family Medical Leave Policy (3-0708)
(to be given to employee with a copy of the rights/responsibilities document
(WH381) and the appropriate certification document
(WH380E, WH380F, WH384, WH385)

WH381-Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities form
(give to the employee when notice is received of the need for the leave; also
provide the appropriate certification document
WH380E, WH380F, WH384, WH385 and a copy of the FMLA policy)

WH380E-Certification of Health Care Provider form for Employee’s Serious Health Condition
(use for employee only leave; provide a copy of FMLA policy & form WH381)

WH380F-Certification of Health Care Provider form for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
(use for family member only; provide a copy of FMLA policy & form WH381)

WH384-Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
(to be used for exigency leave for a qualifying family member; exigency is defined as short-term deployment, military events/activities; childcare/school activities or financial/legal arrangements-non routine, counseling, rest & recuperation, post-deployment activities, or other additional activities; provide a copy of FMLA policy & form WH381)

WH385-Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member for Military Family Leave
(use for care of a family member who became ill or injured while serving in the military; provide a copy of FMLA policy & form WH381)

WH385V- Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave
(to be used for an employee seeking military caregiver leave under the FMLA leave due to a serious injury or illness of a covered veteran; provide a copy of the FMLA policy & form WH 381)

WH382-Designation Notice
(give to inform employee that FMLA has been approved & paid leave is/is not being used, leave does not apply to FMLA, FMLA leave has been exhausted, or FMLA leave is not approved; used after medical or supporting documentation has been received from the employee)

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Workers' Compensation

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Employee Relations

HR Contact List (webpage)

Termination - Separation Checklist (pdf)

Reference Release Form (doc)

Alternative Work Schedules (pdf)

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