Retiree Benefits

OSU/A&M retirees may continue health care with BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), and dental and vision insurance with the Employees Group Insurance Board.  You must have BCBS coverage as an active employee the month of your retirement date if you wish to enroll as a retiree; dental and vision coverage must also be continuous.  Therefore, if you do not elect to continue coverage at the time of your retirement, you will not have the option to begin retiree coverage at a later date.  If after you are retired, you want to drop your spouse and/or dependent(s) coverage, you will need to contact OSU Benefits and complete a BCBS drop form.  Once dropped there is no opportunity to re-enroll with any of these plans.

With BCBS, age determines which plans are available to you and your spouse. If both of you are under age 65, you will both continue with the same plan you had as an active employee (BlueOptions or BlueEdge).  If both of you are over 65, each of you will have an opportunity to enroll in one of several Medicare supplement plans (Plan 65) that meet your health needs and one of two Medicare Part D Plans (Blue MedicareRx) that meet your pharmacy needs.  As a retiree, BCBS enrollment will require anyone under 65 to stay with the same plans as active employees, and anyone over 65 will move to an individual Medicare supplement policy through the OSU group plan.  This means you and your spouse may have completely different policies with different premiums.  For a list of Plan 65 premiums, please refer to your BCBS Plan 65 Comparison and Rate Chart in the links below.

If you, or your covered spouse, turn 65 while in retirement and are enrolled in the OSU under 65 plan, you will receive a packet for your Plan 65 and Blue MedicareRx enrollment no more than 90 days prior to your 65th birthday.  Your packets will include an application for Plan 65 enrollment and an application for Blue MedicareRx enrollment.  Both forms will need to be returned to OSU Benefits no later than one month prior to your 65th birthday month.  

Remember, there is a difference in OSU and OTRS retirement criteria.  The ability to continue health coverage through the University is dependent on being an OSU retiree regardless of your OTRS retiree status.  If at any time you choose to drop retiree health, dental or vision with OSU, you will not be able to enroll again at a later date.  You will also lose the premium supplement from OTRS, if applicable.

We recommend contacting our office to discuss your specific situation.  If you have questions about your health plan options, please contact OSU Benefits, (405) 744-5449.


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