Benefits Education - BlueEdge

The BlueEdge health plan features a lower monthly premium for a higher deductible that must be met before benefits begin. With this plan you will pay the full allowable charges when in the BlueChoice network for your doctor office visits and pharmaceutical needs until your deductible is met. Medical and pharmaceutical count towards both your deductible and out of pocket.

Benefit Description

BlueChoice Network

Individual Deductible


Family* Deductible


Coinsurance After Deductible


Individual Out of Pocket


Family* Out of Pocket


Lifetime Maximum

No Limit

*This plan does not feature a per family member deductible or out of pocket. The $3,000 deductible and $8,000 out of pocket could be met by one family member or a combination of the family.

More information, such as the Summary of Benefits and Certificate of Benefits, is available at If you have additional questions, you can reach BCBS at (877) 258-6781 or OSU Benefits at (405) 744-5449.